Monday, 4 February 2019

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2019 week #6

One more week until the holidays - pheweee ! - but sadly, it's an extra long one, with parent-teacher evenings on Tuesday and Thursday - boo ! That means I'm adding in some simple dishes like frozen pizzas that Sophie or Juliette should be able to prepare, in case I get back too late to cook. Roll on, the holidays - I think we could all do with some time to chill out !


dinner - coconut chicken stew with rice & maybe some extra veggies


dinner - frozen pizza, as I'll be in late


lunch - potjevleesch, which is a Flemish dish made of cold meats (chicken, rabbit, pork, ...) in jelly, that you eat with chips to melt the jelly (there's a jar in the fridge that needs using up, but I'm the only one that likes it - Madhouse Daddy bought it before he died so it seems weird eating it, but it's just taking up space otherwise !) - with chips and salad - I'll do some nuggets for the kids, if they don't want to eat it

dinner - shepherd's pie


dinner - tomato and mozzarella pasta (or maybe leftover shepherd's pie, if there is any)


 dinner - pork risotto


lunch - kids' choice of fast food - probably the old favourite, McDonald's !

dinner - sandwiches and fridge clearout


lunch - chicken, rice and veggie fritters

dinner - sandwiches and/or fridge clearout

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  1. Ahh! We have a couple of weeks until half term. I am ready for a break too!
    I love the sound of the coconut chicken and the potjevleesch sounds interesting. I've not heard of that before.

    1. It's very local - there are various sorts : with or without bones, as slices or bigger pieces of meat, ...

  2. Great menu - I love pasta and chicken - will you cook for me! Lol xx

    1. Sure, I'll lay another place at the table !! lol

  3. Good plan

  4. I've got some pork to use up this week. I never thought to put it in a risotto!


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