Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Kids' book review : Discover The Leader In You (MyBookHeroes)

We recently discovered a series of children's books from a company called MyBookHeroes, which creates personalised stories to help boost the self-esteem of children around the world. We chose the title Discover The Leader In You, but there are also Discover the Determination in You and Discover the Courage in You.

As it says on the opening page, "We hope every child sees the hero in themselves and we promise to bring you beautiful stories that inspire all kids to be the best version of themselves". So far, so good !

When you go to create the book, you first need to choose the language (English or Greek - it would be good to have a wider choice of languages available), then select the sex and image that will represent your hero. There are only eight characters available - four girls and four boys - but I thought that the one we chose did look quite similar to Pierre. (You can compare with the photo on our sidebar, if you don't know what he looks like !) You might be limited if your children don't look like any of them though, so, again, it would be lovely to have a bigger choice of characters available. (In other similar choose-your-hero books that we've reviewed in the past, you can select hair, eye and skin colour, which may be a more universally appealing option.)

The story is quite simple. After talking to the Dragon Tree about what it takes to be a good leader, Pierre meets some new friends - Plato Panda, Silvy the Fox and Grace the Bunny. The new friends soon meet a Turtle King, who needs some help getting home before nightfall. Working together, they overcome the challenges - mission accomplished !

The whole story is written in rhyme, which makes it quite fun to read. The characters are appealing, even if they are not developed a great deal - I would think you would get to know them more if you bought the other books in the series. 

Pierre thought the book was fun and he particularly liked the fact that the main character had his name and looked like him. He did ask lots of questions though, that weren't covered by the book, but we had fun making up our own descriptions and explanations !

There should be a new title released every three months and each title costs €24.99. There is currently a free worldwide shipping offer that you can take advantage of too.

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Disclosure : We received a free book, in order to share our honest opinions.

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  1. Wonderful book and a great message it gives to children. xx


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