Wednesday 6 January 2010

Monster Puffs - Sugar Puffs Bars

Getting the kids ready for school in the morning is always a rush, especially as I'm now back at work and still breastfeeding so I have to somehow fit a feed for Pierre into the usual manic mix of hairbrushing, clothes coordinating and toothbrush squeezing. Add on top of that the "I'm not hungry"/"I don't like Nutella any more" / "I don't want cornflakes" discussions and it's all too easy to face the prospect of sending the kids off to school with no breakfast inside them. Or just a chocolate biscuit and a Capri Sun, which is hardly any better really !

Well, these Monster Puffs bars are ideal. They really appeal to the kids, partly because they taste really nice and partly because of the cute Honey Monster picture on the shiny blue packaging. OK, I admit it, even I like the Honey Monster ! I still remember him on TV from when I was a kid ! Anyway, enough reminiscing ! The best part is, they are individually wrapped bars so they can easily be scoffed on the way to school and you can feel better for getting cereal into your kids before school, even if it didn't come in a bowl !

The bars are available as either single bars or in multipacks and come in both milk or milk chocolate varieties. Sophie couldn't get her head around solid milk (and I had no idea how they make it either ! ) and kept telling me it was white chocolate so there's proof that they taste as yummy as sweets ! They only contain 84 (milk) / 86 (milk chocolate) calories per bar too so they are ideal as a healthy(ish) snack at any time of day - certainly much better than crisps or chocolate anyway, on the nutritional front. The label says they are low in sodium, suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial colours.

Tastewise, they're sweet but not sickly and they retain a bit of crunch, which is better than the soggy and/or totally rock hard stuck-together mass of squished cereal that ends up at the bottom of the big box if you don't finish them up quickly enough ! For over-stretched mums (and dads), the convenience aspect is a Godsend - Juliette can serve herself and eat it all up without getting covered in milk which necessitates another last-minute change of clothes, not to mention trying to disentangle the rogue bits of cereal that always somehow get stuck in her hair !

"Tell them about the honey mummy". Oh OK, I will then ! I don't know if the Honey Monster even still says that but they do still contain honey, so that has to be a good thing too - honey bees are big news at the moment so get your kids eating honey and you can even do your bit to help their survival !

The packaging says they are "cereal-iously good" (groooan !) and I have to say I agree with them. They got the big thumbs up from both Sophie and Juliette anyway. Even more good news, they are currently on offer in Poundland at £1 for a pack of 4 so it's the perfect time to try them out.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : single 20g bars 45p, multipacks of four bars £1.49

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