Thursday 14 January 2010

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Body Lotion

Having been seriously impressed by the protective and healing properties of the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Classic Hand Cream, I was keen to try out their most recently launched product - the Deep Moisture Sensitive Body Lotion.

The bottle isn't particularly eye-catching, matching the other products in the Norwegian Formula range with its plain white bottle and blue lid. It comes in a handy pump action bottle which distributes just the right amount and prevents messy spills or drips. But let's face it, what really counts is what's on the inside.

The claims on the website are impressive. It's "clinically proven to penetrate up to ten layers into the skin for 24 hour moisturisation". The range is "perfect for everyday use, ensuring skin moisturisation is at the correct level and keeping skin looking and feeling soft, beautiful and radiant all day long". I'm always a bit dubious about impressive claims by manufacturers though, so I thought I'd test each one out myself and see if it lived up to their results. Firstly, "87% of women reported long-lasting moisturisation" - well, I haven't been using it for long but my skin does feel more supple and moisturised, even at the end of the day if I've applied it in the morning, so I'll have to say yes. Next, "96% of women experienced immediate moisturisation" - definitely yes, but I think that's the case for any moisturiser, especially if your skin is (like mine) pretty dehydrated to begin with. And finally, "92% reported absolutely no greasy after-feel. This means that you can moisturise and get dressed straight away – good for when you’re getting ready in a hurry!" Well, I must admit, that was what I was most impressed with. Despite a very slight greasy residue on my fingers, I was able to start typing without feeling the need to run off and wash my hands and my skin felt cool but instantly dry after I'd rubbed in the lotion. So yes, in this case, you most certainly can believe the hype.

As this is the sensitive variety, it's totally hypoallergenic and therefore fragrance free, which is something I dislike, but it would be absolutely perfect if you have very reactive or sensitive skin - or if you're male and want soft, moisturised skin without smelling all girlie ! The bottle also says that the lotion is suitable for the whole family, so I would find the lack of fragrance reassuring for use on young children. I think I will actually donate this bottle to 8-year-old Sophie, who has occasional flare-ups of eczema and finds that many of the medicated creams sting.

As they say on the website : "No matter what your skin type, there's a Deep Moisture to suit you. In the range there is the Dry Skin Lotion or Dry and Sensitive Skin Lotion which is fragrance free, both have easy to use pump applicators. There is also a nourishing rich and creamy Comfort Balm for body and face with a velvety texture." I've been really impressed with both of the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula products I've tested, and would highly recommend both of them.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5.09

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