Friday, 1 January 2010

Silver Cross 'Little Growers Guide to Numbers’ Soft Book

The brand Silver Cross is well known and reputed for its sturdy, high-quality prams but I bet, like me, you didn't know that they also have a lovely range of baby toys. Well, it's hardly surprising, it's a brand new range that has only existed for a few months, but it's definitely worth a look. Just like the prams, the toys are sturdy and really well-made so they look like they've been built to last.

Pierre has got several soft books already, that he loves to chew and dribble all over, but this one is by far the chunkiest one. It's in the shape of a turnip, in keeping with the theme of the whole 'Homegrown' collection. "The comprehensive Homegrown soft activity range was inspired by the theme of an English vegetable garden and is brought to life by three main characters, Rufus Rabbit, Harlow Hedgehog and Bertha Bird, as well as a variety of vegetables !" Well, it certainly makes a change and who knows ? Maybe it will encourage your children to eat vegetables when they're older ! Eat your heart out, Jamie Oliver !

The book introduces the numbers from one to five, as well as showing pictures of popular vegetables and different colours on each page. The fabric pages also offer a variety of different textures for baby to touch and explore with his fingers and mouth. Even as an adult, you can't help touching and stroking the various materials to see what they feel like ! The first page also has a plastic mirror which will offer hours (yes really !) of entertainment for a young baby.

The velcro fastening actually keeps it closed, unlike some of the cheaper velcro fastenings that start peeling off or just don't stay closed, and as the book retains its round turnip shape, it could also be used as a squishy ball for playing catch or rolling around with baby on his activity mat.

All the classic soft book features are included, such as a squeaker and crackly lining. The beautiful applique and embroidery make this a lovely book to share with baby and totally justify the price, that is admittedly slightly more expensive than many similar soft books.

As the label says : "Directions for use - Take one beautiful baby, Sprinkle liberally with love and attention, Add some Silver Cross 'Homegrown' activity toys and watch little imaginations grow."

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £10

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