Wednesday 27 January 2010

Sensilube Intimate Moisturising Gel

Since going back to work just before Christmas, I haven't had much time to get online so I've barely been on Twitter at all for the past few weeks. However, I did manage to have a quick "tweeting" session the other day and couldn't help laughing to myself at a few shocked Mummy Bloggers who were slightly offended by a press release they'd been sent. I was intrigued but worked out that they'd received the same press release as me for a new product from Durex called Sensilube.

Although it's not a product I'm particularly interested in, I didn't find anything shocking or offensive about the press release or the product itself. As this is a Family Reviews website, I guess making babies is part and parcel of that so I'd better get reviewing ! It can't be any less glamorous than some of my other reviews anyway (Femfresh, Tena, washable breastpads and headlice treatments spring to mind !).

The PR people know they'll have a tough job promoting this one ! They say "It's designed to relieve vaginal dryness. I know the topic seems a little up-front and somewhat embarrassing to some people but it is a condition that we are trying to normalise to be as routine as moisturising your legs or applying make-up." A noble sentiment but I can't see girlies discussing it or asking each other to try out their different products in the toilets on a night out somehow !

On to the product itself, if you're a coconut cream-flavoured massage oil, glow-in-the-dark condom or self-warming lubricant kinda-girl, it probably isn't for you. (Mum and Dad, if you're reading this ... I don't even know what they are, I just found out about them while researching this review, honest !! Even if I have got three kids !!). The key word here is discretion. The website says that it "has been designed with a unique texture that unlike other gel lubricants closely resembles your body’s natural moisture. Sensilube is also aligned with your body’s natural pH, and immediately adapts to your body’s natural temperature when applied." It's also said to be totally colourless, odourless, gynaecologically tested, dermatologically tested, suitable for women of all ages and safe to use with condoms". I had a little snigger (another one !) reading that last point because the product is being targetted at pregnant women, who presumably wouldn't want to use it with condoms ! ... but the website mentions that 44% of menopausal women suffer from intimate dryness too, so it's probably a good thing.

I'm slightly confused about the press release promoting a "new product from Durex" and the website telling us "millions of women have been relying on Sensilube for more than 15 years" but Durex is such a well-known and trusted company that the product is presumably of a very high quality and totally safe, however long it's been available. If you want to find out for yourselves, you can request a free sample on their website ... then cross your fingers that it doesn't come in an envelope with a huge Durex logo all over it so that the postman gives you a cheeky wink when he delivers the mail !!

Another thing to be careful about - the product comes in a little plastic squeezy bottle that looks exactly like Mike's contact lens drops bottle. Could be highly embarrassing if you accidentally pull out the wrong bottle when you take your contact lenses out in public !!

RRP : £5.89 for 40ml

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