Monday, 27 June 2011

Tiger Beer Know The Not Known Campaign

Curiosity may have killed the cat but that hasn't put big cat brand Tiger beer, Singapore's oldest locally brewed beer, off creating a new campaign called Know The Not Known, which revolves entirely around encouraging curiosity. Based around the four cultural domains of art, music, design and film, the brand is encouraging consumers to discover new, up-coming and so far unknown (or should that be Not Known !) talents, rewarding their curiosity with invites to underground Tiger-sponsored events and other exclusive content. The campaign is being featured across a wide range of media, including magazines (such as Vice and Empire), billboards, online, PR and events so keep your eyes open and get spotting the Tiger references in the artwork which will unlock your special rewards, via a special Facebook page at

There are three main campaign elements : a partnership with Vice to generate content about urban spaces that have been creatively reinvented (for example, turning an abandoned building into an art gallery or recording studio), a series of eight "Not Known" events across London (which I will tell you more about in a minute) and a partnership with Empire magazine called "Undiscovered Treasures", which will offer screenings of fabulous but largely unknown films.

The "Not Known" events I mentioned took place across London and 8 London based promoters were challenged to bring ‘Know the Not Known’ to life with event sponsorship from Tiger. They did this in a number of surprising and onnovative ways, which is hardly surprising given that Tiger chose them for their talent, enthusiasm and creative thinking.

The first event was a Halloween music and horror film extravaganza at The London Fields, with promoter Ben Rymer (owner of The London Fields) and curated by Nathan Gregory Wilkins (founder of secretsundaze), two of London’s biggest and most successful promoters. Next up was Tayo’s infamous Tracksuit Party, whose  theme was an 80’s / 90’s New York block party. The third collaboration was with Off Modern, a creative collective based in South London, who put on an evening of arts and music focused on the theme of ‘Know the Not Known’. The fourth promoter, Get Me! And Reely & Truly took over Corsica Studio’s teaming up with Boiler Room to do a live broadcast and create excusive podcasts from the evening.


There are still a few more 8 Not Known events to go, including Dirty Canvas Vs. Dirty Rhythm this month in a secret East London warehouse, followed by Dante’s Fried Chicken. The Boiler Room have been invited back to Dirty Canvas Vs. Dirty Rhythm after the success from Get Me! 
Keep an eye on the facebook page to find out more and hunt out the hidden content and rewards.
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  1. i knew nothing about this campaign .. im sure i live in my own bubble sometimes lol, liking the facebook page now :)

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  3. Very interesting post - looks like it would have been fun to attend an event.


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