Saturday 11 June 2011

Show Me Your Shoes Meme !

I've been tagged by the lovely PippaD over at A Mother's Ramblings in her "Show Me Your Shoes" meme (which she sneakily tied in with a review for Kiwi Aquastop but I've already done that over here !) so, here goes ... this is about as sexy and glamorous as it gets in The Madhouse !! ...

Fluffy red Winnie the Pooh slippers !!! Not to mention, a grinning 6-year-old desperate to get in shot ! 

Right, now for the sadistic - err I mean fun - part ! Time to pass it on to some other lovely bloggers. Let's see what they come up with :

@needaphone at (I'm wondering if we'll be seeing human or ninja kitty shoes !)

@tinkabelldani at (I bet she has something much more glamorous than Disney slippers on her feet !)

@sandyhallett at (bet she's got sporty shoes on !)

If anybody else wants to show their footwear to the world, feel free to join in and leave us a link in the comments box below !

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  1. I love your slippers! I was having a big discussion about slippers the other day lol.

  2. I'm too chaotic to actually have slippers that I remember to wear for more than a week. I'm sure there's at least 2 pairs upstairs from hospital stays, but I normally end up wearing flipflops or bare feet, then wonder why my feet are so cold.

  3. Love the slippers! I wear mine all the time!!

  4. oh dear i still need to do this dont i lol! xox

  5. Hello!!! It is possible buy your Winnie slippers?


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