Thursday 29 June 2017

A taste of summer : destination Guadeloupe !

This month's Kitchen Trotter destination is Guadeloupe, which sounds perfect for the summer. It's one of the islands in the French Antilles, 600km off the coast of Venezuela. I'm expecting tropical flavours, such as mango and pineapple, so let's see if I'm right.

Delving into the box, I pulled out a snack tub of dried sweet potato and a jar of mango jam. So far, spot on !

Next, I found some spices : a special blend for fish and some "graines à roussir", a mixture of cumin, fenugreek and mustard seeds, which is widely used in Guadeloupe.

Mustard seems to be a popular flavour in creole cuisine as there is also a jar of mustard, a little bottle of coconut essence, some passion fruit cordial and a fantastically-fragranced handmade soap that reminds me of the smell you get when you walk into a Lush shop !

So, what will we be eating this month?

First up, Cod Bites. Think chicken nuggets, made with fish !

The main meal is a beef dish with mustard and lemongrass - I can imagine that zinging my tastebuds already !

Dessert is Little Mango & Coconut Choux Buns.

And finally, a bonus recipe - King prawns with a creole marinade.

These sound like simple, light dishes that will be great during the hotter weather. As always, I'll be back to share the finished dishes and recipes with you once I've made them.

In the meantime, check out my country-by-country globecooking recipe index, which includes some recipes from Martinique, with similar flavours.


  1. Oh nice! A lot of great exotic flavours.

  2. Lots of inspiring ingredients and flavours. Can't wait to see what you cook with them. The soap is though quite funny in a food box. :)

    1. They always put in one non-foodie item that is typical of the region or a traditional souvenir :)

  3. Some wonderful recipes, I haven't heard of ant of these but they look amazing xxx


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