Thursday 22 June 2017

#GoGadgetFree for National Unplugging Day this Sunday

This year’s National Unplugging Day is being held on Sunday 25th June 2017 and parents around the UK and beyond are being asked to pledge to #GoGadgetFree and spend the day from sun-up to sun-down without any technology. That means no screens at all, except for sunscreen, which will be essential in this heatwave if you're planning on spending time outdoors !

 To celebrate the day, Ravensburger offered to send us one of their board games to play with, and as I looked through the list, I realised just how many of their games we already play and love. (You might like to click through to check out our reviews.)

Bugs In The Kitchen is always good for a giggle, especially as I find the Hex bug a bit creepy so theMadhouse kids love making it scuttle across the worktop when I'm busy making dinner, once they've finished playing !

Labyrinth is also a great family favourite that appeals to players of all ages, because you can try playing strategically or just move random pieces about and laugh in delight when it ruins everyone's carefully laid out plans (which is Pierre's usual way of playing !). This picture highlights several of our tech-free pastimes in fact - not just board games but also a pyjama day combined with an indoor den.

Asara is another game of strategy, better suited to older players who want a longer, more challenging game

Despite its 8+ suggested age range, Indigo is slightly easier for younger siblings to join in with because it's involves creating pathways, which is more visual and less abstract.

This time, we discovered Penguin Pile Up, a fun game for children aged 5+. which is quick and simple to explain with absolutely no complicated rules or lengthy setting up required - always a bonus when you want to enjoy some quality time with the kids but are short on time.

The first job was clipping together the white and black plastic pieces to form penguins - Pierre found this simple and also great fun so he happily set everything up. The only other thing to do before you can start playing is share them out amongst the players.

Players take it in turns to gently place a penguin on the ice bank without making it tip up or wobble too much. If you're too heavy handed, you'll make them all slide off and you lose the game. You can see in the photo how hard Pierre is concentrating !

Board games are a great way of avoiding cries of "I'm bored" during screen-free time, but Ravensburger have another range that is perfect as a fun family challenge to while away an afternoon - their puzzles, including the 3d puzzles that we always love putting together as a team. (Click through to see some of the 3d puzzles that we have reviewed.)

If you fancy getting out and about in the fresh air, I highly recommend giving geocaching a go too - it's a great way of finding little known local areas and will have the kids walking miles with no complaints !

What do you have planned as fun family #GoGadgetFree activities for National Unplugging Day?

Disclosure : We received the game in order to write an honest review.


  1. these games look like a lot of fun! Especially the penguins

  2. I didn't know about Gadget Free day, but now that I do, I will tell my family. My husband is the worst with his phone, he is constantly scrolling through it even when we are watching TV, which I find very distracting and annoying.

    1. LOL I think the kids pick up a lot of their bad tech habits from their parents to be honest !! :)


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