Sunday 18 June 2017

Madhouse recipe : Ricotta, Bacon & Tomato Pasta

"What's for tea, Mum?". "Erm, something involving a tub of ricotta that needs using up but I have no idea what !" I knew that ricotta was an Italian cheese but I didn't know anything more than that, so when I saw a tub in the reduced-for-quick-sale aisle in the supermarket, I decided to give it a go. I was expecting something a bit like a cross between cream cheese and cottage cheese but it was smoother and creamier than I expected - it's quite bland so I decided to use it in place of cream in a twist on spaghetti carbonara. The kids didn't even notice any difference, except that it had tomatoes in it !

Ricotta, Bacon & Tomato Pasta

ingredients :

1 onion
1 pack bacon lardons
4 mushrooms
3 tomatoes
a tub of ricotta
fresh basil

Put the spaghetti on to cook. Start frying the bacon and, when it has released a bit of fat, add the onions.

After a few minutes, throw in the mushrooms and cook until the bacon is cooked through. Drain off the excess fat.

Drain the pasta. Transfer the bacon mixture to the larger pot used for the pasta.

On a gentle heat, stir through the ricotta.

Add the spaghetti to the pot and stir until nicely coated in sauce. Stir through some chopped tomatoes and scatter a generous amount of ripped basil leaves on top.

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  1. This looks delicious. Definately my type of meal

  2. I would love to try this, it looks absolutely delicious xXx


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