Sunday 7 January 2018

#KitchenClearout : Fat balls for the birds

Whenever I'm on holiday, I always like to empty my baking cupboard completely and see what's lurking at the back. This time, I found the end of a bag of seeds with a best before date of July 2013 ! Probably not fit for human consumption but good enough for the birds.

Having made loco moco earlier in the week (click through for the recipe - it's a simple Hawaiian dish of homemade beefburgers topped with gravy and a fried egg and served over rice), I had some congealed fat in the frying pan.

I scooped the fat into a bowl and mixed in the seeds, then checked the cupboards to see what else I could get rid of. I found a pack of chia seeds and some stale muesli so in they went too.

At this point, Madhouse Daddy got home from work and nervously peered in the bowl, thinking I was making dinner. He looked relieved when I said it was for the birds !

I cut the two mesh panels off a bag of potatoes and used a chunk of washing line to "sew" it all together.

Look at the size of our fat ball, compared to the one that we bought in the shops ! We haven't put it outside yet because it was too windy but we're looking forward to seeing what kinds of birds come for a nibble - we usually get robins, magpies, blackbirds and sparrows.

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  1. I always mean to do this with with the kids

  2. That makes me feel a bit better about my cupboards! There's often some use for out-of-date stuff, and this is a great idea, thanks for posting about it. I'm sure the birds will love it.

  3. Great idea! Have lots of seed packets lurking in my cupboards too so will be making these on my day off this week for the birds.

  4. Cleaned mine out last week as well. Threw some stuff to the birds. Great mins think alike

  5. Great idea. We get loads of jackdaws and starlings who love fatballs

  6. Going to do this with the kids after school


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