Friday 12 January 2018

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2018 week #3

 I have a little bit of downtime in my hotel room in Norway today so I thought I'd try to work out what I can cook next week, using things that I'm pretty sure are in the fridge and freezer back home. I might return to cries of "can you make this?" and "we want to eat that" from the kids though, so the plan may end up going out of the window!


lunch - Time for the traditional Burger King visit no doubt, but I won't be back yet

dinner - I'll be on my way home so it will be their last meal fending for themselves !


lunch - a roast of some shape or form - probably chicken

dinner - cock a leekie soup, using up the leftovers from lunch (as it didn't get made before I headed to Norway)


lunch - it'll be a rush job as I'm invigilating exams, so something quick that I can throw together like beefburgers, spaghetti & ratatouille

dinner - Hairy Bikers Vietnamese Pork with rice & veg


dinner - split pea and bacon soup


lunch - Denver omelette (omelette filled with ham, cheese, onions and peppers)

dinner - sticky marinated duck with German potato pancakes & veg


dinner - I have a pouch of sauce for something Latin American but I can't remember what - Brazilian barbacoa maybe? Served with rice and black beans probably


 dinner - grilled salmon with veggies and boiled potatoes

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  1. Sounds great I wouldn't mind that on my weekly menu lots of variety

  2. Ooh, I'd never heard of Denver omelette before. Great plan!

    1. Nor had I when I came across a mention a couple of weeks ago ! Sounds simple enough and it fits in with my globecooking theme :)

  3. Good luck I hope it goes to plan...
    I feel like I could just eat cock a leekie soup. Yum x

    1. We've never tried it before but it's a classic so I'm sure it's lovely - I found a traditional recipe with prunes. Not too sure about that addition but I do have a bag that needs using up so I might throw some in there ! lol

  4. Mmmm cock a leekie soup! I love the Hairy Bikers books, I need to look for this recipe. Thank you for sharing with #MealPlanningMonday x


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