Monday 13 August 2018

Hastings diaries : North's Seat

When we were visiting the Madhouse grandparents last month, it was lovely to go out wandering around all my old childhood haunts with the kids. This little track which runs up the side of the fence from Hastings Academy, which was Hillcrest Comprehensive in my day, will forever remind me of muddy, drizzly cross country runs (or, more often than not, cross country grumbling walks) during school PE lessons !

We didn't appreciate the scenery back then (and, to be fair, it was an autumn/winter activity so not when it was at its best) but this is all actually part of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve.

We didn't see any animals but there are loads of pretty flowers to look at, including lots of wild foxgloves. The manmade additions to the landscape are quite impressive too.

I love the way it's all been left wild to do its own thing, with rosebay willowherb, also known as fireweed, covering vast swathes.

Some areas have been fenced off as protected wildflower meadows.

How can these be classed as weeds?!

 Standing 575 feet above sea level, North's Seat is the highest point in the town, and you can see for more than 60 miles across the Downs and Weald in the westerly direction. On a clear day, rumour has it that you can even see the coast of France with the naked eye!

A strategically placed fence for leaning on while you take in the great views !

There was once a windmill on this spot, which was destroyed by fire in 1872, and later a look-out platform, which was used as a look-out during the Second World War, but it was vandalised and removed when I was a kid, back in the eighties.

It was replaced by two seats, with a large round direction plaque, which helps you know what you're looking at.

By now, dusk was drawing in, so it was time to head for home.

It's all well signposted, with numerous stiles and gates, and there are various paths you can follow.

Some of them are a bit overgrown though !

This was at the start of July and it was already looking dry and in desperate need of some rain.

The horses were already covered up and ready for bed, so it was time for us to head for home too.

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  1. So good to get outdoors in the fresh air, and looks like a lovely walk!

  2. That looks like a really peaceful spot. Thanks for sharing the pictures :).

  3. Looks a great place to explore

  4. What is it about school and memories of cross country runs, I have much the same memories of my school. Love the views from up there. #CountryKids

  5. I live in Eastbourne and have never explored Hastings, which I should! This is really interesting!


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