Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Hastings diaries : Park life !

Every time we go to Hastings, we always have to go to Alexandra Park to feed the squirrels. Last time we visited, there weren't many to be seen, but this time they were back in force.

They're very tame and come really close. Even when they scamper off when a dog comes running towards them, they soon come back once the danger has passed, tempted by our peanuts.

This video from a few years ago (4 years in fact - the kids have grown up so much ! And it's lovely to have special memories of Madhouse Daddy) shows them coming right up to eat out of our hands.

This time, they weren't quite so tame but they did come very close so we still got some great photos.

From here we walked up past the reservoir, which offered a slight fresh breeze in the sweltering heat.

Then on to the fishing lakes and the swannery. In one pond, there were masses of waterlilies.

We couldn't spot any frogs hiding amongst the lilypads, but there were some waterlily flowers peeking through.

This is the wilder end of the park and the shady paths were perfect for beating the heat.

We'd picked the top path, which turned out to be a bad idea, because Pierre dropped his brand new football (which he'd chosen with his birthday money) and it rolled all the way down to the lower bank.

He ran all the way round and managed to get it back though. I'm sure the squirrels were sniggering !

There were no swans in the swannery, but there were some ducks, lots of seagulls and a lone cormorant.

We commandeered a couple of benches and got in some selfie practice !

*sigh* There's always one !

We almost got photobombed by this little fella - I'm not sure if he's a rat or a vole but he was certainly not shy, coming up to a couple of feet away.

You can't have a trip to the park without going on the swings, so that was our final stop.

I like the way they've incorporated natural elements into the equipment in some places. Watch out for the alligator's teeth !

Poor old Madhouse Grandad got roped in to playing football - I was just glad it wasn't me for once !

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  1. What a beautiful spot, those waterlilies are gorgeous. Lovely to see you all having fun :).

    1. I do love waterlilies - probably because they're always in such peaceful spots ! :)

  2. My kids would love to feed squirrels, we get them in our garden but the dog chases them away

    1. Aww that's cool to have them in your garden :)

  3. Great photos. My kids love feeding squirrels at our local park

  4. Love feeding the Squggies! So cute and fluffy. I don't know why some people dislike them!

  5. What a wonderful video! The look on Juliette's face when the squirrel gets food from her hand is priceless. And such lovely memories of your husband too. The park looks splendid. Your Dad is very fit.

    1. Juliette always had such an expressive face when she was smaller - always good for a giggle !

  6. Can't stop looking at the squirrels!

  7. Well done Grandpa, he looks great fun to be with. the parks are stunning there and wow to the little squirrel, ours always run away. #CountryKids


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