Wednesday 22 August 2018

Zuru’s new X-Shot blasters for x-citing outdoor fun ! (review)

The Madhouse kids always tend to spend a fair portion of the summer holidays running away from wasps, bees and spiders, which probably explains why they got so excited when Zuru sent us some toys from their new X-Shot Bug Attack range to try out. It was time for revenge !

Very similar to Nerf (but more affordable), the Flying Bugs Swarm Seeker blasters give you the chance to use foam bullets to shoot at bug-themed targets.

The Swarm Seeker pack comes complete with gun, motorised launcher, two flying bugs, a dart clip and 12 reuseable foam darts (RRP: £19.99). If you have more than one child, you can also buy a dual pack with two Swarm Seekers, one motorised launcher, two dart clips, three flying bugs and 24 foam darts (RRP: £29.99), for double the trouble.

The launcher needs four AA batteries (not included) and can actually be used as a separate toy without the gun. Press the bug ring onto the end, press down your foot so it starts spinning, then remove your foot and it will fly into the air.

We played with this part two ways, both trying to shoot the moving target and also, as a two player game, trying to catch it like a frisbee. Both were great fun.

Pierre loved sliding the mechanism to reload the foam darts from the clip and they're soft enough that they don't hurt, if you actually hit someone with one !

Other kits in the range include sticky bugs that walk down walls and windows, giving you a different type of moving target to aim at. Pierre also made his own targets, setting up towers of things to fire at and knock down.

It ended up being a great way of burning off excess energy, as he ran around picking up targets to relaunch and crawling along the floor commando style, firing at Madhouse Nanny's animal gnomes !

We've already lost a couple of the foam darts, because they fly such a long way (up to 80 ft/24 m, according to the box), but the great news is, you can but add-on accessory packs and you also get extras in each pack.

The X-Shot Flying Bugs Attack and the X-Shot full range is available from all major retailers.

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. My son would love this

  2. This looks amazing, ours would cause havoc with this!

  3. These sound and look great for some outdoor fun...

  4. That looks like good value, and a lot of fun. Thanks for the review!

  5. Looks awesome - I think the doggies would like these too!

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