Sunday 30 September 2018

Madhouse diaries : A windy walk on Hastings pier

On our recent trip back in Hastings last month, we headed down to the newly relaunched pier, to see what they'd been getting up to. We wandered along from the town to the pier, taking in the views along the prom.

Looking left, in the top photo, all seemed calm, but just turning around and looking along towards the pier, we could see a more threatening weather front coming in. Hmmm would we have time to complete our stroll down to the end of the pier?!

Arriving at the beginning of the pier, I couldn't help but notice how the colours of the sky were imitating the colours of the pier.

While Pierre went up and down on his new scooter, Sophie honed in on the ... what shall we say ? ... slightly dodgy-looking chip-man ! What I want to know is who tied his bootlaces together ?!

We started off our exploration by looking at the wildlife statues.

Since being bought by Eastbourne Pier owner Sheikh Abid Gulzar, all eyes are on Hastings pier now, to see what he has planned. 

There's been lots of criticism, but I'm waiting to see what else he has in store before making my decision. He'd only been involved for about a month when I took the photos, so it's a bit too soon to tell.

Ahhhh a lovely group photo of my oh-so-happy-looking kids !

We moved over to the row of brightly painted beach huts.

The wind was definitely starting to pick up, even if the seagulls didn't seem the slightest bit bothered ! 

 Now, I'd just like to point out that we were all being silly trying on the hats at the photo booth but I was the only one willing to be photographed.

Just a bit further along was a display of old postcards - Sophie soon gave up and took photos of herself with the bunting instead !

You can see from the LGBT Pride flags (blowing all weekend to mark some special occasion, but I can't remember what now !) just how windy it was getting by now, but I was far too busy looking at the different grains of wood on the walls to pay attention. They are all recovered from the old pier boardwalk, from before the fire back in 2010.

At the end of the pier, we glanced to the right and noticed a huge bank of cloud (and probably rain) on the way. We were just about to head for home when I heard a noise and, after some investigation, we spotted a seal in the water - I didn't manage to get a photo of it though.

The end of the pier has several of these signs, with things to spot and read. The kids weren't interested though - they could feel the rain on the way !

Turning back round, we headed back towards the safety (and warmth) of the car, just making it before the heavens opened !


  1. Looks a fun day. Love the beach huts

  2. Looks like a lovely walk I love piers I used to go to Brighton with my dad as a girl

    1. Hastings Pier is a bit empty at the moment - hopefully it'll pick up now it's been bought. Time will tell !

  3. Love the beach huts and the random wildlifes statues. How odd to find a hippo! Looks like a fun day

  4. the flags were flown for Hastings pride. I'm not overly impressed with Hastings pier at the moment, I am hoping they bring more on here to attract different people back into the town.Like you I will give it a chance because as you said its only just been bought again. though I do love the animals they have recently added

    1. It's a start ! Hopefully they'll put more stuff on there as it's a bit empty at the moment ! :)

  5. Love the wood wall. Looks like you had fun anyway! :)

  6. there is now a little more on Hastings pier , they have finally added a few arcade machines which is drawing more people onto the the pier at last

    1. Yes, we went back and had fun looking in the amusement arcade - unfortunately lots of the machines were switched off or out of order so I hope they get them sorted :/


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