Thursday 6 September 2018

#readcookeat recipe : Eggs Benedict (Bone Deep)

Back at the start of the summer, I read Bone Deep by Sandra Ireland, a book that dealt with the tale of Lucie and her new job, writing up tales for historian and novelist, Dr Margarita Muir. (Click through for my review.) There was a recipe right at the beginning that I thought would be perfect for here at The Madhouse.

p10 I'd tried to keep my recent ill-health a secret, but nothing gets past my son. I gave in reluctantly to the Girl Friday idea, taking pains to point out that she would be more of a PA for my writing and research, although a little light ironing wouldn't go amiss. I began to warm to the idea, visualising a biddable foreign exchange student with excellent editing skills, a cheery smile and a nice signature dish of eggs Benedict.

Hmm Eggs Benedict ... I only had a vague idea of what they were, but internet soon gave me the info I needed. An English muffin (available from Lidl, if you have one local - I've no doubt you can pick them up elsewhere though), topped with Canadian bacon, a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. The Canadian bacon would be tricky, but there are all sorts of variations to the original dish, so I was sure we could do something with this ! I ended up making this on our return home after the holidays, so we were a bit low on eggs. 

Eggs Benedict 

ingredients :

per person

1 English muffin
1 fried egg
2 slices of ham (I had some French "bacon")

for the Hollandaise sauce :

3 egg yolks
melted butter
 lemon juice

Cut the English muffins in half and stick them under the grill for 5 minutes.

 I fried the eggs rather than poaching them to give me extra time to prepare the sauce. Mix the egg yolks, lemon juice and salt and add the melted butter, bit by bit, until you end up with a smooth mixture. (We were just coming back from holiday so I only had 6 eggs - the Hollandaise sauce would definitely work better with 3 egg yolks though !) Taste and add extra paprika, salt and lemon juice, as needed.

Hopefully, the muffins and eggs will be ready by now. Put one slice of French bacon on each piece of muffin and add a fried egg to each. Top with some Hollandaise sauce.

Serve with some couscous, coleslaw and salad leaves. Bon app├ętit !

Adding to the #readcookeat challenge at Chez Maximka.


  1. Yum I love eggs Benedict

  2. Oh, I haven't had Eggs Benedict for ages. You just reminded me how tasty this dish is. And you even made your own Hollandaise! My Hollandaise comes courtesy of Maille, lol.

  3. Looks delicious, need to try and cook this sometime


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