Monday 4 November 2019

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2019 week #45

We made it through the half term and now we're back home and back to school, slightly delayed as Monday morning will see us heading to hospital to have Pierre's plaster cut off. I'm hating the fact that it's all got so dark now, both for going to work in the morning and for getting home at night - boo ! I'm definitely using the slow cooker from now on as temperatures have dropped big time, so I love the idea of coming home and having a lovely hot meal waiting to serve up. All that's left is to shut the curtains and jump into my pyjamas ! Here's what we're eating this week.


lunch - It may end up being a mad dash after the hospital visit, but in theory, chicken & bacon bakes with rice & veg

dinner - slow cooker beef & ale casserole with potatoes and carrots


dinner - possibly leftovers if the kids didn't finish them at lunchtime - if not, cheese & tomato pasta bake with some sweetcorn added in


lunch - baked potatoes with cheese & beans and maybe some bacon and onions too, if I'm feeling nice !

dinner - chicken & veggies with noodles & chow mein sauce


dinner - something else in the slow cooker - hmmmm, how about chicken chasseur (with carrots, onions, mushrooms) and rice ?


dinner - possibly leftovers, if not beefburgers, mash & beans


lunch - I'll leave it up to the kids - probably a trip to McDonalds, if I know their way of thinking !

dinner - cheese on toast


lunch - roast dinner - probably chicken, roast potatoes and veg, all topped off with lashings of gravy

dinner - sandwiches or chicken soup with the leftovers from lunch

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  1. I hope getting Pierre's plaster cut off went OK.
    Food from the slow cooker really is the best at this time of year!
    Great meal plan x

    1. It did go well, but he's a bit concerned about having "uneven legs", where the muscles under his cast have gone all floppy afte not being used for three weeks. They'll get back to normal soon though, hopefully ! lol

  2. Sounds like you've got a tasty week of meals planned. I love a good roast dinner! Thanks for linking up and have a nice week x

  3. Ohhh I miss roast dinners, we are so busy with 3 kids at football training and then matches over the weekend! We really don't have time for them any more! ha ha!

    1. I sort one out midweek some weeks, when we've got a lot on - the kids don't mind ! lol

  4. Sounds delicous, I think I need to use our slow cooker a little more with things like casseroles


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