Sunday 17 November 2019

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2019 week #47

You may have noticed, I've swapped my Menu Planning day over to a Sunday, as it fits in better with my schedule. I used to plan my menu then go shopping, buying whatever fit in with my menus. Since Madhouse Daddy died, I do my shopping at Lidl as it's so close to the house, but it's a bit hit and miss on specific products in the meat aisle, so I now do my shopping and menu plan around whatever I've bought. I've tamed down my menus since cooking just for me and the kids anyway, so this works out OK.


lunch - chicken casserole with boiled potatoes (or maybe roast potatoes, or maybe even mash, I'm not sure yet !), carrots & leeks

dinner -  sandwiches, toast, soup ... something along those lines. Or leftovers from lunch if someone wants them.


dinner - pork meatballs with red peppers & onions, served with either rice or spaghetti


dinner - bangers & mash - I think I'll cook the sausages then put them in with some tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, onions & red pepper to make a nice sauce


lunch - baked fish with rice & leeks ... maybe cheesy leeks if I have time, but this afternoon is hectic, with a work meeting and Juliette's appointment to get her braces off - so much for a nice peaceful day off !

dinner - pork chops with mushrooms in a creamy sauce with spaghetti


dinner - paprika coated chicken with rice & creamy leeks


dinner - spicy chicken gyros with rice & whatever veg is still lingering in the fridge !


lunch - our regular Saturday lunchtime fast food trip ! Probably McDonalds as usual.

dinner - trout fillet for me, chicken in breadcrumbs for the kids, with rice & veg (carrots, leeks & mushrooms)

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  1. I had boiled potatoes for the first time in several years after reading one of your recent menus. Found myself wondering why I had left it so long as they were absolutely delicious with a dollop of butter. Thank you!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them ! They are great with butter - hmmm !

  2. I know I always say this but the spicy chicken gyros sounds SO good! Thanks for linking up and have a wonderful week x

  3. Bangers and mash i love and we must have soon. proper comfort food x

  4. Ill be round soon - sausage is always a winner here


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