Sunday 13 February 2022

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 7

Last week was half term and it was lovely. The girls went to Lille shopping, then we all went to Lille and visited the Natural History Museum, Sophie took Pierre to a football match, Juliette went to a nearby theme park in Belgium (just over the border) with her friends. We started scraping the wallpaper off the walls in the hall/stairs and have decided to repaint them rather than papering them again. I think we'll head to the DIY store tomorrow or the day after (we can use tomorrow to scrape off the rest) to choose the paint. Not sure what colour to go for but we've already had pink and blue - green or pale yellow maybe, or something neutral like grey or cream? We'll see ! I even found time to shave the dog, who now looks half the size and keeps shaking because he's cold ! Me and Juliette went for a trip to the hairdresser's too so we're all ready for the spring !

We ate lots of things on last week's menu plan but a few things were swapped out - we went to a Flemish restaurant in Lille (I had some lovely prawn croquettes and amazing homemade fries) and we grabbed a Burger King after the hairdresser's as we had a late appointment and it would have been pushing it for time. This week, we have a meal planned in a restaurant for Juliette's birthday but apart from that, I have no idea !


lunch- I have some leftover baked potatoes so Hogslop sounds good with an egg or sausages on the side 

dinner Spicy chicken & chorizo stew with pasta (followed by birthday cake !)


lunch- Juliette's birthday meal (her birthday was yesterday but going out on Valentine's Day is never a good idea !)


lunchYellow rice with chicken and beans (using up the leftovers)

dinnerBacon cheeseburger meatloaf with potato wedges & coleslaw


lunch - leftovers (I think the fridge will be full by now !)

dinner- BBQ pulled pork with baked potatoes (or maybe mash) & coleslaw


lunch-  Honey mustard pretzel chicken with couscous & tomato salad

dinner - cottage pie


lunch- sweet & sour chicken with rice

dinner- Pide (Turkish pizza) with guacamole/chips and salsa (and any other side dishes that I may come up with !)


lunch- Mongolian beef with rice or noodles

dinner- toast or a bacon sandwich

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  1. It sounds like you all had a great half term. We're on half term this week and I've done nothing so far. The girls are out so I am having a lazy day.
    Great meal plan. Happy birthday to Juliette, I hope she had a fab day. I think I am going to give your bacon and tomato chicken tray bake a try. It looks so good and the bacon cheeseburger meatloaf. Yum, yum x


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