Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Crown Crafts Kit review

We loved the bonus day off yesterday, catching up with some last minute Easter crafts before it was too late. You may remember our fab craft session using all our Yellow Moon crafts kits last week. Well, we had one kit left that we didn't have time to make - Easter Crowns - so that was what we made yesterday.

The pack contains two complete Easter Crown kits with foam crowns and pre-cut adhesive foam shapes to stick cute Easter-themed decorations all over them.

Following the enclosed models, it was really easy for both 8-year-old Juliette and 3-year-old Pierre to create some very cute-looking Easter creatures. They barely needed my help at all.

They had great fun and really loved sticking the foam shapes all over their crowns. I think they looked great.

The Easter Princess.

And the Easter Prince ! Not sure who had the biggest smile !

for more information : http://www.yellowmoon.org.uk/

Disclosure : As Yellow Moon bloggers, we receive lots of lovely crafts supplies in order to write honest reviews.

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