Friday 1 August 2014

DO play with your food ! - Weetabix Faces

Generations of grannies have told their children and grandchildren not to play with their food, but that was exactly what the Betta Living Kids in the Kitchen activity for Weetabix faces told us to do. I discovered the existence of Banana Weetabix when I dipped into the box- I'd only ever tried the regular ones. Not that it mattered what the flavour was for what we were going to do with them !

I put a selection of fruit, dried fruit, sweets and cake decorations on the table and let the creative juices flow. You can see how seriously the Madhouse Mini-testers took it !

Pierre was first to finish, with marshmallow hair, cherry eyes, a grape nose and dried banana mouth.

Juliette went for raisin hair, a cherry for a clown's nose and a puffy marshmallow collar.

Sophie gets top marks for maximum use of colour - it's a beard apparently ! And I'm sure she only gave him big bouffant hair so that she could eat all the marshmallows !

Juliette made me laugh by tucking into a dry weetabix - yuck ! I did tell her it would taste better with milk but she said it was lovely - strange child !!

To find out more about the activities, designed by Betta Living to help you have fun on a budget during the holidays, check out my blogpost about the Kids In The Kitchen campaign here.

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