Tuesday 2 December 2014

#NickJrCraftmas project #6 : Santa Hat Cupcakes

Did you manage to pop along to the #NickJrCraftmas twitter party yesterday? It was great fun and it was really lovely to see all the photos of the kiddies having a whale of a time with the crafts and party games. I shared several of our fun but simple crafts activities yesterday but there are still a few left that I didn't get time to blog about so I'll keep them coming as they're perfect for keeping the kids entertained in the run up to Christmas.

The instruction sheet in the box suggested making Santa Hat Brownies, using fresh strawberries, but as we still had the cupcakes, having preferred to eat our Marshmallow Snowmen on their own rather than as cake toppers, I went for the easy (and lazy !) option and used the ready-made cupcakes for this recipe instead. This means that you can have a fun, festive teatime treat within 2 minutes !

We failed to find fresh strawberries in December (and I doubt that any we could have found would have been very sweet anyway) so we used foam strawberry sweets instead. Just use a dab of icing to stick the sweet to the cupcake then add a line of icing fur and a little bobble on top. Pierre sucked any leftover icing straight out of the icing syringe !

These taste as great as they look and require zero effort ! If you like the look of Pierre's Ben Elf hat, find out how to make it here.

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