Saturday 1 August 2015

#KitchenClearout July round-up and August linkie

The #KitchenClearout linkie really took off this month with a whopping sixteen entries and several new faces - maybe the summer holidays have given us all more time for digging deep into the back of our kitchen cupboards, fridges and freezers. The results all look lovely so it's definitely worth seeing what else we can use up before it goes past (or even further past !) its best before date. Without further ado, here's what we all came up with this month.

First up were these gooey, chewy Cherry & Coconut No Bake Cookies that are perfect for beating the heat (if the sun comes back !)

Jane's Gnocchi with Ham, Peas & Broad Beans over at Onions and Paper may not have been perfect but at least it used up lots of odds and ends from the fridge !

Claire's Crab Filled Baked Peppers over at Ninja Killer Cat look as quick and simple as they do tasty.

Alison from Dragons & Fairy Dust came up with a lovely combination - Tuna with Apple Mango Sauce.

These Sweet & Spicy Chicken, Leek & Potato Pasties were a #KitchenClearout masterpiece, using up leftover cooked roast chicken and potatoes, a leek that was on its last legs and the ends of two jars, BBQ sauce and Honey Mustard. That doubled my fridge space !

Toucinho Do Céu is a Portuguese dessert similar to crème caramel - it used up a packet mix that had been lingering in the back of the cupboard for months, as well as the end of a jar of Orange Jam with Port.

Shipsu Pasta actually has nothing to do with pasta - it's an exotic chicken dish with almonds/walnuts and pomegranate. It was delicious and was a fabulous find from the #readcookeat challenge.

I bravely used up the end of my beetroot in a gigantic Kiwi Burger that actually tasted better than I expected.

Galina from Chez Maximka came up with a gorgeously summery Chickpea & Tomato Salad which sounds like a great way of using up a tin of chick peas to me.

Alison from Dragons & Fairy Dust came back with another great recipe that was a real blast from the past - Tutti Frutti Ice Cream.

Slow Cooker BBQ Beef was a stroke of genius - simple, tasty and perfect for a taste of summer when the weather isn't playing ball.

Alison from Dragons & Fairy Dust scored a #KitchenClearout hat trick with these scrummy Raspberry & Pecan Scones.

This Preserved Lemon All-in-one Chicken Dish was another #readcookeat inspiration that was the perfect way of using up a tub of preserved lemons that had been lingering in the fridge for months.

Galina at Chez Maximka has good looking, summery food totally mastered and her Grilled Prawns & Courgette Salad looks tasty and healthy - win-win !

These store cupboard hacks could be interesting ways of using up Horlicks, Marmite and Golden Syrup.

And to complete this month's bumper roundup, I love the look of Alice Megan's Buttermilk Pancakes too - perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Wow ! That's given me some great ideas for using up ingredients that I have lurking in my own kitchen so keep them coming ! I look forward to seeing what we all come up with this month - maybe winding down the fridge before going on holiday will be the perfect excuse to try out some more #KitchenClearout recipes. Feel free to link up old posts too - just add my badge and a link back to this post so other people can join in too.


  1. Lots of great recipes! Thank you for the round-up, I could have missed some of the posts, now off to read properly. And I want to bake some of Alison's scones too

    1. It's great to see what everyone has come up with using odds and ends from the cupboards and fridge - there really are some lovely dishes in there. Including yours ! :)

  2. Love finding new ideas, especially for beetroot! Thanks for joining Linked and hope to see you again this week


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