Saturday 7 June 2014

Calling all Clarins fans - sign up now for the Clarins Sale Preview Event

Clarins, Clarins Sale Preview

Just a quick heads-up for a special Clarins Sale Preview Event that will be coming soon. I love Clarins products but they are quite expensive so this sounds like a great way of nabbing some bargains.The preview event will give you the chance to be the first to shop their sale items and pamper yourself from head to toe ... and you won't even have to push other people out of the way to be first in the queue !

Disclosure : I'd love it if you sign up for the event because I'll get a small amount of commission for all sign-ups that come from here, which I can then reinvest in the sale ! :)

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  1. I love clarins products too although I can never bring myself to spend that much on fancy make up!

    1. same here - I'm hoping the sale will be good :)


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