Thursday 5 June 2014

Don't forget the Toast Soldiers with your boiled egg !

I love the wacky publicity campaigns that the Federation of Bakers come up with to get people excited about bread. First they made Toast perfume, with a fragrance of toasted bread, then they created a very cheeky "how to pack a lunchbox" video with a naked man and lots of strategically placed ingredients (both of which you can read about here -  go on, I'll wait for you while you go and get an eyeful of the hunky chap !).

All done ?! Well, this time, they sent through some fun little soldier boots for kitting out the toast soldiers accompanying our boiled eggs ! This really made me smile because the Madhouse Mini-testers have often asked why they're called soldiers - this proves I wasn't making it up ! Juliette was a bit perturbed about them not having faces and wanted to make them little hats. (I had a quick look in the cupboard for an icing gel-pen that I'm sure is in there but I couldn't find it - next time !)

But Pierre had no qualms at all - he came into the kitchen and started playing with them, walking them up and down the bread board. When one broke in half, he looked panic stricken and said "oops", looking at me with wide eyes and both halves in his hands ! I laughed and said "it doesn't matter, you can just eat him" and he polished off the whole platoon !

There was a giveaway on the Federation of Bakers' website but unfortunately, all the little boots have already been snapped up. Keep an eye on the page though because apparently, there will be other chances to get your hands on some. It's also a treasure trove of information about all things bread related. Did you know, for example, that one slice of toast provides at least 10% of the adult daily intake of protein, fibre, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and manganese ? - team that with a soft-boiled egg and you've got yourself a healthy breakfast option to start the day.

Disclosure : We received some toast soldier boots from the Federation of Bakers.

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Sorry duckies - other ways to use up leftover bread than a trip to the park !

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  1. Love the Boots - I want some, never mind the kids!!!! I'll be checking the page linked every day in hope
    (Spencer Broadley)


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