Friday 28 March 2014

Phwoooar, that's a #wellpackedlunchbox !

When an email popped into my inbox today telling me that The Federation of Bakers had released a How to Pack a Lunchbox video on Youtube, I almost didn't bother clicking through, thinking it sounded boring. Well, trust me - this is one clip you don't want to miss (ermm, if you're male, you can skip along to the next post - I'm addressing my female readers here !). Go on, I dare you to watch the video and tell me you don't fancy a little nibble of his gherkin ! I debated making a naughty joke about Master Bakers here but decided not to be rude !

The attention-grabbing film was created by the Federation of Bakers to remind young women of the benefits of eating a homemade sandwich for lunch. It highlights the low fat and low sugar credentials of bread, providing a fresh, nutritious and low cost solution compared to trips to an expensive deli or microwaving last night’s leftovers.

Gordon Polson of the Federation of Bakers explained the idea behind the stimulating film. “We already spend a lot of time correcting negative myths about bread. This film is designed to catch the attention of young women and deliver the facts in a fun way. Sandwiches can play a key role in a healthy diet. This is a way of saying that without lecturing – we hope it does the trick.” (Well, I might have to watch it a few more times to make sure the message really gets through !)

The film is designed to reach young women and follows on from last year’s launch of ‘Eau de Toast’ by the Federation of Bakers. Coinciding with London Fashion Week, the fragrance was created as a humorous challenge to the fashion for bread-free diets. I was very happy to receive a bottle of the tongue-in-cheek fragrance that smelt of burnt toast. I think they should have sent me through my very own naked lunchbox packer this time though, even on loan. All in the name of research, obviously !!

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  1. hahah such a good idea for a video

    1. LOL Everybody seemed to like this one on Facebook too ! Thanks for all your lovely comments xxx


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