Monday 10 March 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Seal watching

You may remember, a few days ago, we went for a long walk to the beach and walked past this sign at the fish market, explaining that seals had been coming up on to the boat ramps but that they didn't need rescuing because they can get back out to sea and that you shouldn't approach them because they can bite. We were disappointed that there weren't any there on the day we passed so this weekend, I decided to have another sneaky look.

At first, I thought this was a bottle floating on the top of the water.

Then it turned and looked at us !

It even came closer to where we were and executed a few looping dives.

Juliette said it was waving at us !

Now, we think this is a different one. I thought it was the same one that had dived underwater and come up a lot further out towards sea, but Juliette pointed out that it had lots more markings on its back.

He did a few victory laps of the harbour before heading back out to the open sea !

The ducks looked very miffed that everyone was going into raptures over the seals and ignoring them.

So they decided to show their bums to the world. Message received loud and clear !

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