Saturday 15 March 2014

Cool Create Swap Watch review

Juliette was absolutely over-the-moon to receive a Swap Watch kit to review from Cool Create - you may remember we reviewed their Daisy Chains kit last month. Apparently, she'd been longing to have her very own watch for ages, without ever mentioning it to us, so she was delighted. (Owning a watch is apparently - in her eyes at least - a rite of passage into becoming a "big girl" !)

She excitedly opened the box to discover the contents.

After unpacking it all, we took stock of the contents. You get one watch mechanism, along with a variety of interchangeable straps (5 of them, with different colours and patterns printed on them) and fittings (square or round, plus choice of colours and designs). You also get different coloured beads and leather cords to create your own watch straps, following the instructions in the box.

Juliette excitedly selected her strap and trim and carefully slotted everything together.

She was very proud of her finished watch and excitedly wore it to school every day, changing the strap and trim each time so that she could show off the entire contents of the box to her friends !

We also had a go at making our own watch straps with the beads and cords.

They were easy to create too and look rather cool.

Aside from being a fun kit that made Juliette really happy, I love the eco-friendly aspect too. Watch straps are always the first thing to break and, if you've bought a cheap watch for your kids, it's probably cheaper to buy a whole new watch rather than replace the strap. This kit will extend the life of the watch because it will allow us to swap straps when they start getting worn out.

You can find out more about the range of Cool Create kits at You can also join the free Cool Create Club at for news of crafty projects and prizes to be won each month. (At the moment, you can win the Daisy Chains kit we reviewed last month and find out how to make a paper figure chain.)

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £14.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. ya! you did an honest review here.. I totally agree :D

  2. this looks like a really fun kit, kids always get bored of things after a while so swapping the straps means they will get more enjoyment out of it for longer


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