Friday 7 March 2014

Drumond Park Gross Magic review

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As soon as I saw the name of the latest product up for review from those fabulous people at Drumond Park, I instantly knew that it would be a winner with the Madhouse Mini-Testers : Gross Magic - Truly Revolting Magic ! They were rubbing their hands with glee before I even started telling them what was in the box !

When it arrived and we excitedly discovered the contents of the box, I wasn't surprised to learn that this is their number one best-selling magic kit. It has real eww-factor that is guaranteed to make kids (and big kids) of all ages dissolve into giggles at the sheer yuckiness of the tricks - think goo, snot, slime, blood and bogies and it'll give you an idea ! It's not for the faint-hearted and you do have to live in a house where the grown-ups don't mind having the icky tricks played on them. I've already had the cockroaches in my bed and in the fridge and, even if I know they're fake, they still make me shudder ! You will probably also need some adult help because some of it is a bit fiddly and difficult to understand at first.

Other favourites are the exploding eyeball, liquidised eyeball and huge green bogie tricks. There are a few that they haven't mastered yet (which may be a good thing !) - ripping (fake) veins out of your arm sounds particularly nasty ! The Madhouse grown-ups like to get their own back on the little tricksters too - their face was a picture when they did the toilet full of fake poo trick on me and I dipped my finger in and licked it ! (It's in a miniature toilet, I hasten to add - not a real one !)

I'm sure the novelty value will eventually wear off but for now, it's being dragged out every time someone new comes into the house to show off their "box of yucky stuff", as it's been dubbed ! They usually disappear into the bedroom and spend the next half hour giggling like loonies ! It's good value, given the wide range of contents, and is a great way of getting tweens of both sexes away from their screens for a while.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £19.99

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Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. My boys would soooooo love this! I am entering your comp to win a set and if I don't win, I will buy it for them anyway!


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