Thursday 1 August 2013

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game review

When Drumond Park asked if we'd like to review their Magic Tooth Fairy Game, I instantly knew it would be a hit with the younger members of the Madhouse Family. Juliette excitedly announced that she had another wobbly tooth earlier in the week (I'm not sure if she still totally believes in the tooth fairy or just wants the money, to be honest !) and Pierre is excitedly awaiting the day when the tooth fairy will pay him his very first visit ! I'd never heard of the game but Juliette excitedly jumped up and down and said "Jade's got this, we played it at her house and it's brilliant, it's got a magic bed and everything" ! Right, over to Juliette to show us how it all works then !

While we set the game up, Pierre had fun playing with the plastic mouth tooth holder - he looks a bit like Dracula in this photo !

As Juliette had quite rightly explained, the central element of the game is a large plastic bed which sits in the middle of the circular board. Each player starts with four teeth in their plastic mouth and moves their counter around the board by spinning the spinner. There are three kinds of playing space on the board: Wobbly Tooth, Go To Bed and Spin Again.

When you land on a Wobbly Tooth space, you have to roll the dice to determine whether or not you were brave enough to pull it out - orange means no, blue means yes and you can put a tooth in your player's backpack. (My one very slight niggle is that the backpacks could have been a bit bigger because little fingers found it hard to get the tooth to stay put.)

When you land on a Go To Bed space, if you have a tooth in your backpack, you can spin the spinner to see if you remembered to put it under your pillow. If you did, you can put your tooth under the pillow on the bed and put the wand in the slot to transform your tooth into a special gold coin. The winner is the first player to transform all of their teeth into coins.

Pierre was very impressed with the fairy money ! In fact, we all loved the whole game. It's very simple so even very young players (such as 4-year-old Pierre) can easily join in and it relies on luck more than judgement so everyone has an equal chance of winning. It did take quite a long time for anyone to get a coin (you need to reunite a lot of variables for it to actually happen) but you can always cheat slightly and not bother with the intermediate dice roll or use of the spinner if you need to make gameplay a bit faster.

Look out for my giveaway in just a moment where you can win The Magic Tooth Fairy Game and find out for yourselves just how much fun it is !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £19.99

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Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. My daughter would love this game - she is desperate to lose a tooth so the tooth fairy can come!

  2. Drummond Park are certainly on a roll with these fantastic games. 10/10 for bringing out some of the best games we've played over the past 12 months.


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