Sunday 18 August 2013

Summer holiday diaries : The Madhouse Mini Testers discover Mini Golf !

Three different sized kids and three different sized golf clubs !

First hole : The Castle.

All very serious so far.

Things got a bit trickier on this one - extreme golf !

It's all a bit easier if you use your hand when nobody's looking !

Pierre created a new sport : half golf, half snooker !

"Look Mum, I managed". Ahem !

It's even easier if you sit with your legs around the hole and just roll it in !

Meanwhile, Sophie and Juliette were still playing properly - on to the windmill !

Even rolling it, it was hard to get the ball over the bridge without it flying off !

Sophie tackled the snake.

While Pierre got up close and personal with the crocodile !

And the winner is ... goodness knows, but we all had a lot of fun and giggles !

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