Thursday 22 August 2013

#SaveSummer Activity 6 : Jungle Breakfast

ASDA have done it again ! They've managed to put huge smiles on everyone's faces with nothing but a lot of imagination and a handful of items that were already in the kitchen ! This week's #SaveSummer activity suggestion was Jungle Breakfast and showed us how to make a monkey out of a honey-smeared crumpet and some apple slices. Well, we decided to do it for lunch and used a cookie cutter to cut out a monkey head-sized piece from a slice of bread.

Sophie made one for her and Pierre - can you spot all the ingredients? The base is bread and Nutella, the ears are banana or orange, the eyes are banana slices with a dried cranberry on top, the nose is a triangle of fresh pineapple and the mouth is an orange slice. They look fabulous and definitely resemble monkeys.

Juliette wanted her monkey to have a big mouth (which, I suspect, has something to do with the fact that she loves banana and dried cranberries !). It still looks great though ! They had huge amounts of fun putting them together and ate every last morsel that was on their plates.

They also had a nice surprise for me. I didn't fancy a Nutella sandwich for my lunch so I said I'd have a bagel. They created this little masterpiece for me !

The Jungle meal went down so well that they all turned into little monkeys (and other jungle animals) for the rest of the day ! (Everything you need for this activity, including the masks and cute animal toys in the photo, can be bought at ASDA.)

There are plenty of other activities on the #SaveSummer website, with more being made available as the summer progresses so call back often for more summer fun inspiration !

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Disclosure : We received a hamper of products in order to try out some of the activities from the #SaveSummer Campaign.

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