Saturday 21 June 2014

Kicking off World Cup fun with Haribo football mix !

Haribo have just sent us through some lovely football-themed goodies to celebrate a minor sporting event that might be going on in Brazil right about now ... I'm trying to play it down because Eng-er-land have already come crashing out - boo ! The good news for us is that, as a dual nationality family, we get a second chance at winning so luckily for us, France is still in the running !

It doesn't really matter to The Madhouse kids anyway - they were more interested in being the winners of their very own finger football tournament !

Every time somebody scored a goal, they got to take a sweet out of the bag which made for a very tense game ! The Football Mix jelly and foam sweets are great for munching in front of the match (whether on TV or the dining table !) because they are soccer-themed, with  shirts, boots, trophies and footballs. The bags have had a patriotic makeover, getting behind the England team with red and white packaging.

Well, the dream of England winning the World Cup may not have lasted any longer than the bag of Football Mix but it was great fun while it lasted and, here at The Madhouse, the fun will continue with our finger football antics. As this video from Haribo shows, we're not the only ones to find it hilarious !

Disclosure : We received some Football Mix and a finger football game.

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  1. The finger football looks like so much fun, although I think my partners fingers may get some illegal tackles if we played together lol xx

  2. these look fun! I had to laugh seeing all the discounted football items in the shops this weekend


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