Sunday 8 June 2014

Our 1D party supplies (and Monster High party favours) review

You may remember me showing you the lovely party supplies that we received from Tiger Feet last month, featuring the Madhouse girls' current obsession, One Direction. I could hold them off no longer - we put together a little 1D tea party last week, much to their delight !

The paper cups and plates featuring their idols got such a warm reception that they almost refused to use them because they didn't want to make them dirty, let alone - shock horror ! - throw them away at the end !

They relented though, when I said that they could keep one of the plates each to put on their walls, especially when they saw the One Direction cake that I'd picked up in Tesco's !

Even Pierre got in on the action and declared that he wanted 1D things in his room too !

The cake was lovely but I'll be making some cupcakes myself too, because I also chose these edible cake toppers, which made the girls squeal even more !

I'd also selected some Monster High goodies, which would make great party bag favours or prizes for party games : a pencil case, some bookmarks, some pens, a notepad set and some MH plates.

Monster High is Juliette's other passion so she was over the moon.

I'd also ordered the whole selection of 1D foil balloons, twice over to avoid arguments !

They're quite big and the designs are very clear so the girls went into raptures. They're even heart-shaped *swoon* !

While I cleared away the used plates, cups and serviettes and the remains of the cake, Juliette used the remaining paper cups to make a pyramid !

The balloons ended up being used, uninflated, to decorate their rooms.

I have to say, they look pretty cool actually.

So how much do you think all this lot cost?  Would you believe me if I said the total price, including delivery, was £50? I think that's amazing value - and the look on the girls' faces was priceless !

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Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. My girl is crazy over One Direction....These might be an idea for her Birthday :) x

    1. I think you'd get mum of the year award !! lol


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