Thursday 25 July 2013

Our kitchen is being taken over with fairy and pirate food ! #haveacraftparty

Today's the day the teddy bears pirates and fairy princesses have their picnic ! Excitement is reaching its peak so we've started getting things organised. I posted some pirate party food and fairy princess party food recipe ideas earlier in the week which have inspired us to put this little feast together :

Some cheeky pirate biscuits - we used shop-bought biscuits with faces and just added a half-cherry eye patch, finished off with icing pens !

We have orange and pineapple boats. (Pierre was in charge of cutting out the sails, which he was taking very seriously !)

Juliette had great fun making fairy bread.

Never before has a Nutella sandwich caused so much excitement !

Pierre carefully selected all the sea-themed sweeties from the tub - we have dolphins, eels, fish and shells.

There's a plateful of fairy cakes with edible Craft Party toppers awaiting the guests.

Lots of prizes and sweeties waiting to be given out. The bananas and some of the fairy cakes will be decorated by the party guests - it's a tip I've learned at previous twitter parties, it gives them a chance to calm down and lets me tweet for a minute !

Juliette unpacked the pirate and fairy princess kits and made sure we had everything we needed.

The pirate kit has everything we need for 6 children to make a pirate hat and eye patch and paint a little pirate chest and fill it with gold coins.

And the princess fairy kit contains supplies for creating wings, tiaras and wands with zillions of sparkly and shiny stickers to decorate them with.

Only a few hours to go now - the excitement has gone up another notch at The Madhouse ! Don't forget to follow the #haveacraftparty hashtag on twitter from 4-6pm for your chance to win prizes.

Disclosure : We received a box of party goodies and craft kits in order to host a #haveacraftparty party to tie in with the twitter party.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun - I love the Pirate biscuits with the cherry eye patches! :)

  2. My daughter would love those nutella sandwiches, what a great idea.

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