Monday 15 July 2013

Summer holiday diaries : How to beat the heat !

First of all, dress up as a Turkish belly dancer and shimmy around the house! Maybe I should try this when I'm doing the hoovering !

Then get the paddling pool out - I was amazed all three of them could fit in there at the same time. Sadly there was no room left for me !

There was only about 2 inches of water but they needed diving masks apparently !

It was too hot for baking so we made jelly instead. In the microwave. That was a first but it actually worked really well.

So we made popcorn in the microwave too !

Pierre was happy to chill out on the settee with a DVD after all that splashing around.

Juliette was very proud when she taught herself to tie shoelaces. She's always had shoes with buckles or Velcro fastenings so has never had to learn before !

And Pierre bounced around the room in excitement when he got a birthday card through the post !

I think we need to get out for another adventure tomorrow - and I may have to get creative in the kitchen and make a special birthday cake for a certain little boy !

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  1. How very cute - love them all in the paddling pool in two inches of water! Simple pleasures are not dead and buried.

  2. Ah, the joys of being young, how wonderful


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