Tuesday 30 July 2013

Kitchen Nomad Globe-Cooking Recipe #2 : Bánh Xeo (crispy crepes) (Vietnam)

As you know, we've received a couple of Kitchen Nomad foodie boxes here at The Madhouse, containing everything we need for a gastronomical voyage to Greece and Vietnam. Yesterday, we decided to get all exotic and try out one of the recipes, so we had Bánh Xeo - Vietnamese Crispy Crepes - for lunch. 

In the box we discovered the rice flour for the pancakes

Some bird eye chillis.

And a very authentic-looking bottle of fish sauce.

The recipe for this dish is available on the Kitchen Nomad website. It was provided by Uyen Luu, a Vietnamese chef, food stylist, and food photographer, who writes recipes for numerous newspapers and online magazines and who will have a cookery book coming out in the autumn.

First I mixed up the batter.

Sophie prepared the dipping sauce, although I took over chopping up the chillies, just to be on the safe side !

Using what was in the fridge, I opted for leftover barbecued beef, carrot and spring onion.

Two crepes on the go at the same time was maybe asking for trouble, but I managed to pull it off !

I'm not sure mine really went crispy enough but they went down a storm. The kids loved the taste but also the fun way of wrapping them in salad leaves and eating with their fingers. I loved them too until I ate a chilli seed from the dipping sauce and it was so fiery, it made my eyes water !

From talking to chef Uyen Luu on twitter @loveLELUU, I now know where I went wrong - the pancake batter needs to be very runny and mine was quite thick, getting moreso the further I got to the bottom of the bowl, so I'll dilute it a bit more next time.

Disclosure : I received a Kitchen Nomad box in order to write an honest review.

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