Sunday 28 July 2013

Clark's "100 Things To Do Before You're 10" : Making Iced Lollies

As I told you at the start of the month, just in time for the long summer holiday, Clark's has released a fabulous list of "100 things to do before you are 10" and they sent us through some goodies to try out some of the suggestions. This afternoon, we tried out one of them : Making Iced Lollies !

We recently won a huge boxload of Vegesentials raw fruit & veg smoothies so we are working our way through them as quickly as possible before we head off on holiday. We have three different flavours : Beetroot, Pomegranate & Carrot; Beetroot, Kiwi & Carrot; and Carrot, Mango & Parsnip. Surprisingly, Pierre loves them, even if the girls aren't quite so keen, so I decided to try making lollies using some of these.

I had visions of creating triple layered lollies with the three colours separate and attempted this, gently pouring in the juice over the back of a spoon, but it wasn't to be. It did create a pretty swirly effect though.

I put them in the freezer mid-morning and by the end of the afternoon, they were ready to eat. 

One happy face !

Two happy faces !

Three happy faces ! In fact, you may have noticed there were four in the tray so guess who asked for the extra one ! When it's 100% fruit & veg, I'm definitely not saying no !

We've made iced lollies in the past using different flavoured squashes and cordials but this was our first attempt with fruit juices and purees, so we'll definitely be trying that again. How's that for a sneaky way of getting an extra 5-a-day portion into your kids' diet ?!

Disclosure : We received a box of goodies to help us take part in the "100 Things To Do Before You're 10"activities, as well as a Clarks voucher and discount card as a thank you for getting involved.

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  1. brilliant, will give it a go!

  2. looks good - inspired me to have a go :-)


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