Thursday 12 June 2014

Great Food Moroccan Falafel review

You may remember me telling you last month that I won a selection of Great Food products in a twitter giveaway. The first one that we tried was this pack of Moroccan Falafel.

I'd heard a lot about falafel but, apart from knowing that they are popular vegetarian street-food, I didn't know that much about them. I had a look on the pack and discovered that they are described as "sweet and aromatic baked falafels crammed with chunky chickpeas, red peppers, fruit and warm Moroccan spices." A look at the ingredients list reveals that they contain nothing but things you'd find in a regular kitchen with no hidden nasties : Chickpeas (51%), Vegetable Oil, Puréed Dates (7%), Red Peppers (7%), Apricots (5%), Onion, Potato Flakes, Sweetened Egg Powder, Reconstituted Garlic, Salt, Ground Cinnamon, Raising Agent (Bicarbonate of Soda), Ground Coriander, Ground Cumin, Dried Parsley, Ground White Pepper, Dried Chilli.

They have a crumbly, moist texture and can be enjoyed hot or cold, making them the perfect picnic or packed lunch food. They are nice cold, as nibbles to go with drinks or with tapas, but warming them up in the oven or microwave really brings out the flavour of the spices. They have a lovely depth of flavour but very little chilli heat so even the kids liked them.

I served them warm, in a wrap, with oodles of salad, drizzled with garlic mayonnaise. (Although I did have to split this one into two wraps after taking the photo or it would have been impossible to eat !

They're baked rather than fried which cuts down their fat content by 40%. 100g - that's half a pack, so that's 7 falafel bites which is a lot ! - provides 267 calories, 7.7g of protein, 31.7g of carbs (of which 4.9g sugars), 11.1g of fat (of which 0.9g saturates) and 0.6g of sodium. They're gluten and dairy free as well as being vegetarian approved.

I was impressed by the price and the freshness. They're definitely something I'd buy again, especially as party food, and I'm looking forward to trying out the rest of the selection.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.20 for 200g

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  1. I've never had Falafel before but your wrap looks delicious! I must pick some up next time I'm shopping - they're not too expensive with is nice :)

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by the price too - check out for offers, one of the supermarkets has the range on 3 for £5 and there are loads of different options to choose from


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