Saturday, 22 August 2015

Vita Coco-cktail recipes perfect for the bank holiday weekend

You may remember that last month, we came up with the fabulously refreshing idea of drinking Vita Coco out of a melon. Stupidly simple in terms of cocktail-making but as that is their slogan, it fits in perfectly with the brand ! Vita Coco have also come up with some slightly more complex cocktails that the grown ups might like to sip on over the bank holiday weekend. As coconut water is full of potassium and bursting with electrolytes, you could even convince yourself that they're a healthy choice !

Vita Coco Braziliana


150ml of Leblon Cachaca
15 mint leaves
5 halved strawberries
3 whole limes
60 ml of gomme syrup
Vita Coco

How to make:
Mix the Leblon, limes and strawberries
Add mint leaves and gomme syrup
Top with Vita Coco
Serve over Ice

Run to the Sun


30ml Golden Rum
10ml Triple Sec
10ml Orgeat Syrup
10ml Lychee Syrup
1 x whole Passionfruit
60ml Vita Coco Pineapple

How to make:

Simple - just place all ingredients into a jug and mix well! Best served over ice.


  1. That Run to the Sun Concoction looks positively mouth-watering!

  2. Both cocktails look pretty yum! I buy coconut water frequently so - a can do.


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