Sunday, 30 August 2015

Have a Messy Adventure with your little Dahl-ings and Persil ! (review)

 Remaining faithful to their guiding principle that "Dirt is Good", Persil sent us through a fabulous Roald Dahl-themed Messy Adventure kit to keep the Madhouse kids busy during the holidays. Inside the special tote bag that features a Quentin Blake illustration from James and the Giant Peach, we discovered two Roald Dahl kits - Magical Mischief and Whipple-Scrumptious Words - along with a James and the Giant Peach book and a bottle of Persil.

Pierre enthusiastically investigated the contents of the Magical Mischief box and happily spent the rest of the morning shaking hands with us all so that he could "secretly" stick the fake spider on our hands. Cue much manic giggling !

Let's face it - how many kids WOULDN'T be delighted by a kit containing fake eyes and bogies ?!

Juliette decided to be more intellectual and claimed possession of the book. I remember reading this in my own childhood so I will have to bring this out at the kids' bedtime so that I can enjoy it all over again.

All this fun and games was to highlight the specially-branded Persil small & mighty wash packs that have been available in store since the start of the summer, promoting the free Roald Dahl interactive adventure story that has been created by Persil, in collaboration with the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and Quentin Blake, to get kids outside having adventures.

‘My Messy Adventure’ encourages families to use the power of technology, either a smartphone or tablet, to experience the great outdoors right on their doorstep. The interactive story allows every child to be the hero of their own Roald Dahl story whilst bringing together some of the best-known Roald Dahl characters, including James (James and the Giant Peach), Matilda and The Witches, in the same adventure for the first time, enhanced by the iconic illustrations of Quentin Blake.

Luke Kelly, MD of the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and Roald Dahl’s grandson, says: "My grandfather strongly believed that children should race outside to climb trees, study insects, jump in puddles, kick a ball around or just "muck about". He thought that all children need fresh air, freedom and crazy adventures on a regular basis. He would certainly encourage you to get as muddy and messy as possible, before returning your dirty clothes to mum or dad. "My Messy Adventure" cleverly harnesses the technology kids use on a daily basis, along with the irresistible lure of some of Roald's most beloved characters and creatures, to encourage kids to get out and about and discover the wonders of nature, small and large in their own messy, anarchic adventures." This is something I agree with absolutely 100% and I actively encourage the Madhouse kids to go outside and get dirty !

When you see the results of a study conducted by Persil among parents and children aged 6 to 12, you realise how important an app like this is. Apparently, British children now only play outside for an average of 49 minutes a day, compared to 127 minutes spent playing indoors. New research reveals the rise of the ‘Indoor’ child as kids, even as young as six years old, prefer to watch TV or play on a smartphone or tablet (61%) than spend time outdoors (22%), and parents are increasingly worried about how to entice them out. Almost half of children (41%) blame the weather for their reluctance to get outside with a fifth (20%) describing outdoor activities as ‘too boring.’ Typical outdoor activities are also on the decline as over half of children have never been on a nature trail (51%) or been camping (57%) and over three quarters (80%) have never tried orienteering.


If you - or your kids - need some extra encouragement, you still have time to enter Persil's competition to win a Roald Dahl Messy Adventure Weekend for a family of four. If you're looking for ways to make the most of t, I highly recommend you download the app and get in some last minute Messy Adventures of your own !

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Disclosure : We received the pack in order to spread the word about the promotion.

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  1. I have the label on my desk to enter the competition - must do that today. Like all the activities they sent you. I try and get the kids outside as much as possible.


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