Friday, 28 August 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 28/8/15

Our travels are over. After two weeks in Turkey, four days in Brittany and four days visiting the Madhouse grandparents, the summer is drawing to a close and we've headed back home with heavy hearts, ready to go back to school and work next week. That means picking up our routines, including menu planning, for the first time in over a month. As we're about to go shopping, I'll do a plan for next week but also what's left of this week.


lunch - pasta with tomato, bacon & mushroom sauce

dinner - big mixed salad with ranch dressing


lunch - sausage, mash & beans

dinner - soup of some description & homemade bread if I have time


lunch - roast dinner or last bbq of the summer, depending on the weather

dinner - sandwiches or leftover soup


lunch - turkey dinosaurs with a sachet of microwaveable rice (Sophie will be fending for herself as I'm back to work !)

dinner - goulash with spƤtzle


dinner - Jamaican jerk chicken with rice & mango salsa


lunch - tacos

dinner - posta negra - a Colombian roast beef dish - with rice & veggies


dinner - pasta bake or leftovers


dinner - Callalloo rolls with salad & rice

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  1. Looks fab, I do love Turkey dinosaurs :) #MealPlanningMonday

    1. LOL I do too much globecooking - the kids asked if they were a recipe from Turkey ... I said no, they're Bernard Matthews !!


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