Friday 28 August 2015

Forget Turkey and Brittany .... the next globecooking destination is Colombia !

August is the month in which we do our real-life globetrotting so I haven't actually had a chance to do any cooking at all, let alone globecooking lately. I'm itching to dig into the August Kitchen Trotter box though, which will be whisking our tastebuds all the way to Colombia. I have no idea what they eat in Colombia but, as it's a South American country, I'm expecting spicy Mexican style dishes to set our tongues on fire !

The first product that I pulled out of the box was White Maize Flour for making arepas, Colombian pancakes/flatbreads.

An intriguing spice mix was next - Triguisar, which is a blend that is used in many Colombian dishes.

Panela - cakes of solid brown sugar.

More white maize in a different form, this time as grains.

Crystallised ginger and guava jam.

And to finish off, some Bocadillos Veleños Rojos - traditional Colombian sweets.

So, what will I be cooking with this little lot?

Arepas con chorizo y guacamole - apparently pancakes garnished with avocado and sausage 

Posta Negra - marinated roast beef.

Fruit Salad with Ginger

Maza Morra Antioqueña - I wonder if it's anything like the Peruvian Maza Morra Morado

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to cook with all these exotic ingredients


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