Saturday, 1 August 2015

Madhouse diaries : Oops, we did it again !

Life's a beach at the moment ! There's so much going on at the seafront that we've been going there most days this week. 

While Sophie got to do her reverse bungee jump and Pierre played in the paddleboats on our last trip (that I told you about here), Juliette couldn't go in the inflatable hamster wheels because it was too windy so they deflated them. She was gutted so it was the first thing we did on our next trip.

She even tempted Pierre to have a go but he hated it and got straight back out again !

I don't remember my hamsters having this much fun when I was a kid !

Now, look at that face ... the trepidation, the "do I really want to do this again?" face ... well, yep, she did !

The guys recognised her immediately from the day before and said that they'd make her go even higher this time - we asked and apparently it goes up to 26m (85 feet) ! I love the way she squeals "maman" as if I can help her !

I think she's inherited my adrenaline junkie gene - maybe she'll take up rock climbing at uni too. I may live to regret this !

Meanwhile Juliette was enjoying herself burying her little brother in the sand.

Then they made sand angels.

We finished off with a bit of crafting, making windmills.

I think Juliette's already dreaming about our holiday to Turkey next week !

When you see faces this smiley, you know you're doing something right !

A quick play on the beach and it was time to wrap things up for the day.

We decided to go home via the brand new footbridge.

Apparently the chain link fence along the sides will be covered in padlocks engraved with couples' names soon.

We arrived home just before the showers ... just in time to see a rather fabulous rainbow.


  1. looks like an amazing day out, have done a bungee jump but never a reverse one. The kids were going to go on something similar to the hamster wheels the other week but they took them in before we got round to them.

  2. What a fab day. I love the idea of the reverse bungee!

  3. oh my goodness i can't believe she did it once never mind again what a hero!

    Glad your getting lots of time at the beach :-)

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments


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