Friday, 28 August 2015

Does size really matter? Sure Compressed v Regular test

Before the kids arrived, I was great at travelling light. I'd throw a few T-shirts and a pair of jeans, some underwear and a few toiletries into a bag and I'd be good to go for a weekend or even a week away. Now that we're a family of five, travelling light isn't so easy. For our fortnight in Turkey, we had three suitcases, a Trunki and each of the Madhouse kids had their own backpack, stuffed with cuddly toys, travel games and a variety of other sometimes unexpected things that they couldn't bear to be parted with for a fortnight. One case was almost entirely full of beach towels, arm bands, rubber rings, snorkels and even - on the way back - a huge inflatable crocodile, so finding space for my essentials turned into a bit of a Tetris-style headache, squishing things into the remaining gaps wherever possible !

One area I did manage to gain a few precious inches of packing space was by taking the Compressed version of my deodorant. At the start of the summer, Sure asked me to carry out an interesting experiment, sending me the Compressed and Regular versions of their Cotton Dry anti-perspirant. Despite being half the size (125ml instead of 250ml), the packaging promises that it will last just as long as the larger, non-Compressed can. I've already used the Compressed cans (you can read a previous review here) so I knew that they lasted for a long time, but I'd never compared them directly to their bigger counterparts. That's what Sure asked me to do, using the non-Compressed can on my left armpit and the Compressed on my right for six weeks or until they ran out. I was slightly concerned that they wouldn't have the same fragrance and I'd end up smelling like the Debenhams perfume counter, but I needn't have worried - they're identical.

Well, I've been happily spraying and waiting to see which one would last the longest and the answer surprised me - the Compressed can actually lasted a bit longer. Only by a couple of days so I think it was down to me applying more with the bigger can (it seems to come out more quickly, but that may just be an impression, as the Compressed can has a softer spray that feels gentler on your skin). The rest of the Madhouse family were pretty gobsmacked by the result, as were the other people I have mentioned it to in passing, but their cynicism actually surprised me. Consumers have happily adopted concentrated versions of laundry detergent and fabric softener or even ultra concentrated squeezy fruit squash, so why is it so hard to believe that deodorants can be Compressed too?

If you're wondering how it all works, the Compressed cans have an innovative spray system which means that they require less gas to deliver the same protection in each spray. I love the fact that they take up less space on my bathroom shelf, are smaller and lighter in my shopping bag and need less raw materials to make the cans so they're better for the planet too. The smaller size also makes them ideal for keeping in my handbag or desk drawer at work.

Still not convinced? Well then, how about buying a can of each and taking the challenge to see for yourselves that Compressed really does last as long as Regular? I'd be interested to hear how you get on !

RRP : £3.29

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Disclosure : This is a sponsored - but nevertheless 100% honest - post.

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