Thursday, 15 October 2015

We discover swirl cakes ! (Betty Crocker Chocolate & Orange Swirl Cake Mix review)

A couple of weeks ago, I had a bit of a stocktake in my baking cupboard and was a bit shocked at the number of boxes of cake mix in there ! I've therefore been working my way through them, with lots of help from Pierre (who appears to have taken over from Juliette and Sophie as the main baker in the Madhouse Family now !). We were both intrigued by this Betty Crocker mix for Swirl Cake.

Inside the box, you get a bag of cake mix and a smaller bag of cocoa powder.

After mixing up the cake mix with 3 eggs, 3 tablepoons of oil and 145ml of water, you get a lovely creamy, smooth, orange-flavoured batter. You remove some of the mix to a smaller bowl then mix in the cocoa powder to get the two colours and flavours.

Pour the main cake batter into a greased cake tin (I used a star-shaped silicon mould) then dollop in spoonfuls of the chocolate cake mix.

Use a knife to swirl the chocolate mix through the orange mix. It's hard to know when to stop !

After about half an hour in the oven, it was ready to come out. I was impressed to see that the swirls had stayed in place.

The top cracked slightly but when I flipped it over to take it out of the mould, it looked perfect.

The marbled effect isn't quite so impressive inside the cake - I didn't swirl it right down to the bottom - but you still get the two-tone idea and the two tastes do come through, complementing each other perectly and reminding me of a Terry's chocolate orange (the taste of Christmas !). It's a lovely, moist cake and Pierre was very impressed with how it came out. I love the idea of a swirl cake and will definitely be playing with this concept when making cakes from scratch too.

As I made this to declutter the kits in my baking cupboard, I'll link it up to this month's #KitchenClearout.


  1. I always find the swirls never swirl when I do them as well but it looks like a fun cake

    1. It worked better than I expected - definitely one to try again !


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