Monday, 5 October 2015

Ella's Kitchen Healthy Snacks for Budding Superheroes ! (review)

Ella's Kitchen have just launched a range of new kiddie snacks that are the perfect fuel for would-be superheroes. They sent us through the whole new range to try out ...

... along with a fun superhero kit for Pierre.

We got straight down to the taste-testing. All three of the Madhouse kids wanted to try the Smooshy Snacks, similar to the fruit puree pouches that they have already tried and loved, but this time containing intriguing combinations of fruit and vegetables. You can choose between Strawberry & Beetroot, Apple & Cucumber, Mango & Pumpkin and Orange & Carrot.

I think they are definitely an acquired taste - the first sip resulted in surprised and rather unsure faces, but they had a few more sips and kept swapping between "they're really nice ... oh actually they've got a bit of a weird background taste ... you do get used to it though, they're not bad" !

The Fruity Bars were a more instant hit - because of the packaging and also what was inside them !

They are a (super)powerhouse of goodness, made up of real squished fruit and extra healthy ingredients like oats, flaxseeds and coconut. They're moist, sweet and fruity and all of the flavours were a unanimous hit. Both the Fruity Bars and the Smooshy Snacks are ideal for school lunchboxes.

The packaging is great fun too with collectibles to press out and keep.

Pierre loved the finger puppets with the cute animal superhero characters on them. (They really reminded me of Fingerbobs for some reason - many a school lunch hour was spent watching that in my childhood !)

And he also loved the press-out superhero masks.

They were the perfect accessory to go with the rather fabulous superhero cape that he put together, using the kit.

Ready to save the world ! (His Mister Maker dressing up outfit became part of the costume somewhere along the way !)

I asked Pierre what his superpower was and he decided it was the fact that he can speak English and French ... and dog !!

Even superheroes need a refuel every now and then !

The new snacks are available at Sainsbury's but make sure you head over to the Ella's Kitchen website where you can currently win 1 of 1000 prizes (either a Smooshy Snack or a box of Fruity Bars and a mask).

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. These look very tasty. I love Ella's Kitchen. The kids seem to be having some great fun as superhero's!


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