Friday 30 October 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 30/10/15

As it's been the holidays for the last two weeks, plans kept changing at the last minute so I didn't make everything that was planned, plus I kept ending up with leftovers to use up. I've listed on this week's menu plan the things that got made instead of what was planned so that I can work through the last few meal plans to catch up, if that makes sense !


lunch - in theory, it'll be the eat-all-you-like Chinese buffet for my belated birthday meal

dinner - vegetable soup


lunch - roast chicken dinner

dinner - toasted sandwiches


dinner - all-American hot dogs (with American pickles and American hot dog mustard plus loads of fried onions), hash browns and coleslaw


dinner - Hawaiian pizza & salad


lunch - tacos

dinner - Southern fried chicken (except it'll be baked) with chunky chips and bbq beans


dinner - the remaining tuna fish cakes from the freezer, rice and peas/carrots


dinner -  cheesy veggie chilli baked potatoes

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